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Why is it worthwhile to certify my products as kosher?

Facts and Figures

27% of Americans buy Kosher. 44% of all Jews and 11% of all Muslims eat only Kosher.
    Kosher includes Halal too.
    Consumers may choose from 75,000 different kosher food products.
    Nearly 10,000 companies produce products for the kosher market.
    Approximately, 3,000 new products are introduced into the kosher market annually.
    Consumers spend approximately $165 billion on kosher products, as compared to $250 million almost 25 years ago.
    According to John McMillan, a food analyst at Prudential Bache Securities, the “kosher seal “is equivalent to what the Good Housekeeping Seal meant in the 1950's.
    The Wall Street Journal quoted consultant Stephen Hall who said that health conscious folks see “benefits in the quality control and lack of additives” in kosher foods.
    (According to data compiled by Integrated Marketing Communications, Inc)

By going Kosher….

    You will be opening for your company more markets especially in Europe, USA and Israel
    You will be showing your customers that you are prepared to go an extra step in hygiene & Safety in your product.
    It has been proven that the product can win more favorable shelf space, and that positioned next to a competing non-kosher brand, a kosher product will do better by 20%.